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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Palin is Not Supposed to be Hillary Clinton!!!

Another day, another self-centered female, liberal columnist writing about how she's no fool, she's not going to be taken in by this "Palin" character masquerading as Hillary Clinton. This time it's Meg Boyle, featured in this morning's AMNY, writing from the Politirazzi blog.

Boyle spouts,
McCain did not pick Palin because she is the right person for the job. Sarah Palin is a gimmick...The Palin pick is directed at independent women like me who come from working class backgrounds. (Italics mine)
No, it's not, Meg. It's actually directed at people like me, conservatives fed up with John McCain's pandering to the left, tired of holding our noses when we vote, overjoyed to finally have at least half a ticket that seems to believe many of the same things we do. And I happen to be male.

It's directed at people like my mother, a woman who believes that abortion is murder, a woman who has preached abstinence-until-marraige to her children, a woman who happily has five guns in her house, who believes in limited government and self-determination.

Sure, Palin's selection is political, but to look at her and see only her gender is to do yourself, and more importantly, her, a huge disservice. It's no wonder women have had such a hard time getting ahead, any time one breaks away from the pack, those who disagree with her start complaining that she only got where she is because of her gender. It couldn't possibly be her qualifications, her truly conservative beliefs, her likability, or her demonstrated ability to get things done.

She then concludes by paraphrasing Lloyd Bentsen,
Nice try. You, Gov. Palin, are no Hillary Clinton.
Well (excuse the profanity, I will almost never employ it here or in life, but...) no shit Meg. If Gov. Palin was Hillary Clinton, she would have been dismissed by the Democrats in the primaries in favor of Barack Obama. If Gov. Palin was Hillary Clinton, she would never have stood a chance of being selected to be John McCain's running mate. Sarah Palin is everything that Hillary Clinton is not. Sarah Palin is trustworthy, sincere, dedicated to her family, pro-life, anti-government waste, and basically the anti-politician. She is nothing like Hillary Clinton, aside from her gender, and that is exactly the reason that she is so beloved among Republicans.

The Dems had their shot to vote for a woman whose policies they support. You chose to nominate Barack Obama instead. That's not the fault of the Republicans.

Like I said yesterday - Meg? Get over yourself.

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